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When we bought the property 24 years ago it had been used for cattle grazing. Nothing denudes landscape like cattle and sheep who eat all emerging trees and bushes spreading noxious fireweed and saltbush everywhere they go. hb-dam-editMost of the property, including nearly 2km of riverfront, is now given over to the regeneration of native bush and we now have over 800 trees where previously there were only the 30 or so old ironbarks!

We have resident kangaroos, wallabies, geese, native ducks, wombats and lizards not to mention the goannas, snakes and abundant birdlife.

The geese of Glenguin

The area under vine represents less than 20% of the land at Glenguin, and vines are only planted on the gravel and ironstone slopes, plus a patch of sandy loam over red basalt at the bottom of the hill.

The remainder of the property is left for nature to claim – human input is only undertaken when noxious weed management requires it.

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