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High Praise from Halliday

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The release of the 2018 Halliday Wine Companion has seen Glenguin Estate retain our 5 Red Star rating, recognising our track record of quality and consistently high scores, with three wines receiving 95 points in the new edition.

Particularly pleasing for us was the result of our semillons, acknowledging the strength of the Glenguin Vineyard block, especially as the wines age. With the  2017 edition of the book firmly focused on our shirazes (in particular the 2014 Stonybroke [95 points], 2014 Schoolhouse Block [97 points] and 2007 Aristea [95 points]), recognition for the consistency of our semillon over several years is just reward for the love and passion that goes into making our Glenguin Vineyard Semillon every vintage.

Both the 2003 Classic Aged Release and the 2013 Aged Release Glenguin Vineyard Semillon received 95 points (the 2013 also receiving a ‘Special Value’ star). James was particularly enamoured with the 2013 calling it, ‘A vinous example of having one’s cake and eating it, because youthful and mature flavours live happily together.’ Adding to this, the 2015 Glenguin Vineyard Semillon received 89 points with James quipping that ‘the way the ’13 and ’03 vintages have developed makes me wonder whether I have done this an injustice, if so, it will have its day in the sun.’

The strength of our Aristea shiraz has long been known and the 2009 Aged Release Aristea Shiraz continues that tradition, receiving 95 points in the current edition. Every vintage of Aristea going back to 2005 has now received 95 points or higher in the Wine Companion. The 2009 Aristea Shiraz has received high praise from a number of wine writers recently, including Regan Drew (9/10), QWine (94 points), and Nick Stock (94 points).

Both the 2013 Aged Release Glenguin Vineyard Semillon and 2009 Aged Release Aristea Shiraz is currently on tasting in our cellar door, so we look forward to welcoming you to what we think you’ll find is the most unique cellar door in the Hunter Valley.

Retaining our 5 Red Star rating places Glenguin Estate in the top 5% of wineries in the country. Within the Broke Fordwich sub-region of the Hunter Valley, we are the only producer to have achieved this in the 2018 Wine Companion. But with budburst only a handful of weeks away, we know that the work doesn’t stop here, and we’re looking forward to the 2018 vintage to continue our long tradition of consistently outstanding shiraz and semillon.

We have put together two special 6-packs to celebrate our success in the Halliday Wine Companion. The 2018 Halliday Trio ($325 per 6-pack) is the only way to obtain all three wines rated at 95 points in the 2018 Wine Companion. There are only 10 packs available and are on a first-in basis. The Halliday Best of the Best 6-pack ($325) celebrates our success over the last two editions and is the only way to get all three 95+ point shirazes from the 2014 vintage, including the unreleased 2014 Aristea Shiraz. All packs are available for a limited time, or until sold out via our online cellar door.

Our highly rated wines in the 2018 Wine Companion.

Our highly rated wines in the 2018 Wine Companion.

A Unique Cellar Door

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When it comes to cellar door experiences, there’s a particular mould that most cellar doors in Australia try to emulate – the bar, the polished concrete floor, designer mood lighting and more wines than you can poke a decanter at. At Glenguin, we’ve deliberately tried to shift the cellar door experience away from a quasi-retail space and into something far more personal and intimate. Read More

A Special Release

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Every now and then, you get to enjoy a wine that is striking – it just makes you immediately sit up and take notice, makes the hairs stand on end, and you savour every last drop. It’s as pure a definition of joy as you’re likely to find.

For us here at Glenguin, being able to release our Cellar Aged 2007 Aristea Shiraz for wine enthusiasts to enjoy gives us that same feeling.

There is something about Aristea. Whether it’s the wonderful nose of smoky, rich, deep and dark fruits; the palate of blood plum and dark cherry that’s got just a hint of earthy truffle; or the fact that looking at this wine and you cannot think that it’s possible to be a 10 year old shiraz, there’s something truly mesmerising and intoxicating.

Probably most striking to me is the fact that, no matter how you look at it, you can’t help but think this wine has a long life ahead of itself. And whilst amazing to drink now, the notion of savouring it in another 10, 20 or even 30 years cannot help but be implanted on your consciousness. The freshness of the fruit that would otherwise make you think it’s only a youngster; the nose with just the subtlest hint of earthiness; the faint touches of those classic aged Hunter characters – touches of leather, hints of cedar – that gives you something to grasp onto, saying this is what it’s going to be like with more time.

Patience is a virtue, but one that will reward. If you’ve got the patience, grab half a dozen and watch them come to life over the next couple of decades – if you can wait further, do it.

You won’t be disappointed.

The Cellar Aged 2007 Aristea Shiraz is available in strictly limited numbers and can be purchased online or at our Broke Fordwich cellar door.

2017 Vintage wrap up

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The last of the fruit is now safely tucked away in the winery and 2017 promises to be a very good year for Glenguin(on par with 2006/7 and 2014) with two new wines and the potential return of an old favourite.

A demanding season with high heat and very little in the way of rain, 2017 did test our dam levels but the vines survived the heat and have produced some exceptional fruit. Our semillon was harvested on February 7, which is a little later than normal, and has developed some very interesting textures and flavours which will make the 2017 Glenguin Vineyard Semillon an interesting wine indeed. The important thing is that the wine is in balance and early signs are that the finished wine could be in the mould of 2006, combining ripe citrus characters with decade plus longevity.

We have also been lucky to obtain semillon from the acclaimed Casuarina vineyard in Pokolbin. Casuarina was planted in 1968 and forms a chain of exceptional semillon vineyards from Tyrrell’s HVD vineyard, first planted in 1908, through to the highly rated Braemore and Casuarina. This fruit will become a new wine for Glenguin in 2017 – the Casuarina Semillon which will be launched later in the year. We’re excited to have the opportunity to make wine from one of the best semillon vineyards in Pokolbin to sit alongside our Glenguin Vineyard Semillon, itself a distinguished site.

Continuing this theme, vintage 2017 will also see us make a shiraz from fruit sourced from another well renowned vineyard in Pokolbin – Black Cluster. Originally part of the Hermitage Estate plantings, Black Cluster then became part of Wyndham Estate’s Hunter Valley plantings until the block’s sale in 2013. Over the years, shiraz made from this block has been seen as some of the best in the Hunter Valley. It’s going to be interesting to see how the wine we’re making from this block develops during the winemaking process through to maturation over the next year or so, and it will be great to have a shiraz from Pokolbin as part of the Glenguin offering once more.

Shiraz from the Schoolhouse Block at Glenguin Estate was harvested on February 17. A season of very low disease pressure has seen the vines produce some amazing fruit, the quality of which we have not seen since the much revered 2014 vintage. Indeed, the season shares a number of similarities with 2014 with very low rainfall, although the high temperatures experienced throughout January and February were somewhat unique. As in 2014, the aim this year is to make 3 shiraz wines – Stonybroke, Schoolhouse Block as well as our flagship Aristea.

So with harvest now over and the winemaking running its course, we look forward to the rest of 2017. June will see our new release wines coming out including our 2017 semillons and sticky as well as the release of our 2016 Stonybroke Shiraz. Our cellar door is an amazing place to experience our wines so if you haven’t visited us in a while then 2017 is definitely the year to pay us a visit.


In search of perfection

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One thing that unites winemakers the world over is a common drive to create the perfect wine. In truth, it’s a search that can never really be completed – the perfect wine cannot exist, such is the subjective nature of wine.

But that doesn’t stop us trying and every now and then, we get close. Read More